I was born March of 1955, in Manhattan, NY of Polish/ Jewish/ Survivors. My parents followed the borsch belt to Miami where my Father became an itinerant photographer. At first working with a man with a pony, then going from one beach-side hotel to another. Sometimes he would go to the local pier for a large shark or fish to drape across his hood so people could have their picture taken with it. “Stand here, hand on hip, head back, say cheese...
Coming back the next day with the “proofs” in one of those one-eye-peepers, hoping to sell a couple of enlargements.. Anything to make a buck (which is what he charged for a peeper). It was a hell of a way to make a living, and it still amazes me that I have this love for photography that I do, unlike my father.
The people I most like to work with not only see their selves as the star in some elaborate movie but are hearing the sound track as well. My ideal is to take that self-image (however bizarre or unusual ) and become cameraman, producer and director. Working with the them  to produce a plausible image that satisfies us both, trying not to destroy any of that fantasy.
I now live in the San Francisco Bay area and am working on a number of projects as well as doing commissions If you are interested in modeling in some of my on going projects or are in need of a different type of portrait please E-mail me at : snjacobson@aol.com

"Really good erotic photographers are multiplying on the net now and we try to feature one per issue. here is our latest find, with his classic portraits of strikingly beautiful women; a terrifically exotic tarot deck, black and white pix of tattoos and piercing and soft fetish.  Also commissions; anything he says, but weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.   Fair enough!"

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Amazing, expressive, intense compositions which grip the eye and catch the soul are what makes this artist stand out.   www.circle.de

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