Renaissance Military Society

    The Renaissance Military Society (RMS) is an association of four reenactment groups patterned after 16th Century military units, all dedicated to creating an accurate and faithful depiction of camp and garrison life. Our portrayal is based upon solid, ongoing research and an active awareness of the social, political, religious and technological forces that shaped an era. We adhere to definition of rank, position and responsibility modeled after our historic counterparts. All equipment and material goods we use are based upon contemporary examples or documents as supported by our research activities.

    We share our passion for research and training by performing in living history fairs, parades and other events designed to entertain and educate the public. Just as significantly, we engage in non-public, living history reenactment for our own enjoyment and satisfaction at workshops, training drills, competitions, period feasts and encampments

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At Faire we are St Michael



The English Company of  Foote ~ Patrick Gaul, Captain

Armstrong's Company of Horse ~ Jon Trait, Captain

Das Schwarze Fähnlein ~ Eric Worth, Leutnant

The Worshipful Company of St. Adrian ~ Nick Worthington, Captain