Fifteen Minutes On the Cross

On Embracing your Martyrdom

All my life I've heard people and groups of people complain how their social, ethic or even sexual orientation has been persecuted and prosecuted by the establishment, and have always wondered how that could be visualised, and made relevant and, yes, even mocked in a way. What came to mind were two common sayings. First, that we all have our crosses to bare and, second, Andy Wahol’s "Everyone is famous for 15 minutes". I have taken both and come up with 

Fifteen minutes on the Cross."

 I have found crucifixion to be a very common theme in art.  I believe I can use some of that imagery, or look, to make my point.

I am looking for people to pose showing the burden, the guilt and suffering that has been imposed on them, and who feel the need for their Fifteen Minutes.

Have Cross will Travel

"No masochists were permanently harmed in the production of these images"

Tantra Bensko

Liriel Vandree

Bridgett Harrington

Eve's Fifteen

New Work